Carnevale – Italian Mardi Gras at Eataly!

Tuesday Evening, February 21, 2023

Eataly Dallas, in NorthPark Center




In collaboration with Eataly Dallas and the New York Baroque Dance Company, with all-you-can-eat Italian specialties and wines to celebrate great Italian music and dance.

VIP $125 from 6pm-10pm
GA $95 from 7pm-10pm


DBS “Carnevale” at Eataly NorthPark

In Italy, the tradition for Mardi Gras is Carnival, and the Carnevale is renowned as the greatest annual celebration of all. Our friends at Eataly NorthPark, the ambassadors of all things Italian, especially their amazing gastronomy and wines, are devoting one of their several big parties this year to Carnevale, in collaboration with the Dallas Bach Society and the New York Baroque Dance Company, featuring the tradition of commedia dell’arte.

When Eataly has a party, it’s amazing! The store is closed at 3pm and everything is rearranged to provide a party ambience featuring all kinds of booths for food and wine, which are all open and free to people who attend. In addition, there are various other booths and displays, and this Mardi Gras, Tuesday February 21, these will feature stages for our performers and dancers providing the proper ambience for the celebration of Carnevale, while our audience partakes of the amazing food and wine displays which are Eataly’s specialty. Costumes and masks for attendees are optional, but highly encouraged, in the spirit of the day!

Tickets for the event are $125 for VIP, which includes 6pm admission and extra swag, or $95 for standard admission at 7pm, which is merely fabulous.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Includes all you can eat & drink of Italian specialties from Eataly.

Mardi Gras masks are highly encouraged!