About TicketDFW

High-quality ticketing services are essential for the arts to thrive in Dallas. Powered by the ticketing team at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, TicketDFW strives to provide exceptional event ticketing experiences for Dallas arts presenters and patrons. In an ever-changing and diverse industry, we are constantly evolving and streamlining our processes and technology to be at the forefront of entertainment ticketing.

Official Ticket Outlet

TICKETDFW is the only authorized outlet for event tickets listed and sold on this website. Tickets purchased from other sources are purchased at your own risk. By purchasing only from the official outlet, you are assured that the ticket you receive is valid and is being sold to you at face value.

In order to protect the public from any and all fraudulent activity, TicketDFW prohibits the reselling of tickets through third-party sellers or markets. Tickets found to be advertised for resale may be invalidated, with the purchase price refunded to the original purchaser. Patrons attempting to use these invalidated tickets will not be admitted to events without purchasing a valid ticket through TicketDFW.

When You Buy From Someone Other Than TicketDFW

  • We cannot guarantee that your tickets are genuine.
  • You almost always will pay more than face value.
  • We cannot replace lost or stolen tickets.
  • We cannot contact you with information on show cancellations, time changes, road closures or traffic updates, upcoming shows or other useful information.
  • You are supporting businesses that make it harder for true fans to see their favorite performers without paying a premium charge.

Get tickets and information on this website, over the phone and in person at the venue starting 90 minutes prior to the performance start. Here is how to get in touch with us.