Salon Concert I

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Private Residence



Orchestra of New Spain presents

Salon Concert I

The cultural Salon setting hosted by prominent women in 18th and 19th century Europe provided a unique opportunity for female artists to share their knowledge and skills on a semi-public platform. Their works were frequently lost to history, however recent revivals have brought to light female composers/ musicians limited to this domestic sphere. Scholar and performer, Patricia García Gil hosts a conversation and performs keyboard works on an historical fortepiano in this event “Salonnières at the piano” in an effort to familiarize the public with female composers of Spanish origin: Marianna Martines and Pauline Viardot-Garcia, and the Viennese Marianna Auenbrugger. Comparison with a modern piano will be made with the 19th C works by Viardot-Garcia.

$70 includes Wine, Buffet, and Valet parking

An email will be sent to you with the address the week of the performance.


Artist Bio

Ms. Gil is a well-established fortepiano artist who has toured Europe, the US and China playing concerts of Early Music, as well as solo and chamber works on modern piano. Her studies in Florence provided her with a vast selection of period instruments to inform her playing. She is a regular at Royaumont and L’Abbaye aux Dames in France, the Netherland’s Geelvinck Fortepiano Festival and the Bartolomeo Cristofori Academy and Bossi in Italy. She has won many prizes and competitions in Italy and France, and was recently named an Early Music America Emerging Artist.

She currently teaching and completing her Doctorate at the University of North Carolina.