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Resounding Harmony

Resounding Harmony is Dallas-Fort Worth’s only philanthropic chorus. This 100-voice community chorus is dedicated to enriching lives and effecting change by sharing the gift of song. Each concert is a benefit performance for a worthy cause or organization… What Resounding Harmony likes to call ‘Musical Philanthropy.’


Resounding Harmony is a diverse group of men and women whose mission is to enrich and effect change by sharing the gift of song through benefit performances for worthy causes and organizations; and by proclaiming the worth, dignity and equality of every human being through the harmony created.


Resounding Harmony’s vision is to build an organization that is a model for extraordinary musical quality and benevolence through innovative and exceptional choral performances.

Core Values

  • Embracing and celebrating the diversity, dignity and worth of every human being;
  • Creating a place where the shared experience of music touches and elevates each person who participates;
  • Performing music that challenges and inspires the singers and audience;
  • Recognizing the tremendous value of each person’s contribution to the organization;
  • Empowering members to fulfill their musical potential by working together in a manner that is engaging and productive;
  • Reaching out to all parts of the North Texas community;
  • Contributing lasting gifts to the world through our work.

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