The Papacy in the 21st Century: Where are We, and Where are We Going?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Moody Performance Hall



Featuring three of the most prominent voices in Catholic journalism in the United States—Ross Douthat (New York Times) and Austen Ivereigh (Crux), with John Allen, Jr. (Crux) serving as moderator — this discussion will examine the modern papacy, situating Pope Francis’ pontificate in the context of recent papal history, broader Catholic tradition and its future.

All three journalists have published books on the pontificate of Pope Francis and will provide thoughtful and acute analysis of the many issues Pope Francis has tackled in his first years: immigration, the environment and climate change, inter-religious dialogue, justice for the poor, as well as specifically Catholic issues such as reform of the Vatican bureaucracy and the pastoral treatment of divorced and remarried people.