Me, Myself and Mime

Sunday, August 6, 2017

7:00 PM

Moody Performance Hall



Me, Myself and Mime is a narrated biography about a young man, Justin Titus, whose life is centered around theatrical Mime dancing and how it influenced his life and enabled him to learn many lessons throughout. Justin, like most people, had dreams and plans of his own. However, along the way the thing he never planned on doing was what God was telling him to do all along. In this story, you will be uplifted, motivated and inspired to use the gift you’ve been given and to follow your dreams! Come and witness the journey!

​Me, Myself and Mime is Produced, Directed, and Co-written by Justin Titus who goes by the stage name of Titus Mime. The narration is done by Justin to give the audience an authentic feel and personal touch. The production started in Chicago, Illinois in 2014 and went on to an even larger audience in Dallas, Texas in 2015. This wonderful adventure features a cast of the greatest and most dynamic artists in the field of mime dancing: The Wandering Mimes, Mike n’ Ike Mime, Prairie View A&M University Mime (P.V. Mime), Interpretive Praise, and Second Coming! However, these are not just random actors. Each mime team was and is a part of Justin’s journey in some form or fashion!

Mime is a liturgical style dance art-form which is performed to various gospel, contemporary christian and inspirational music. This style of movement depicts dramatic interpretations of song lyrics through the utilization of facial expressions, props, and numerous theater and dance skillsets that the artist use to portray the song’s message in their own unique way.

Our mission:

  • Inspire and uplift audiences around the world
  • Share the story of a young man’s journey through a lifetime of mime dancing
  • Promote mime dancing,
  • Showcase the greatest mime dancers in the world
  • Spread the gospel through mime